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Discuss your prayer needs with our learned priests who are always at hand to pass along religious wisdom and knowledge


In Sikh Culture the reading of various religious scriptures and text is considered a very holy practice and is said to bring peace to the reader and the passive listener of the recitation.

Recitation (or “Path”) is undertaken for various reasons such as to mark a happy or sad occasion within the family or pray for the well being of others. Some of following may call for an Akhand Path depending on the occasion: a birth, a birthday, recovery from a medical operation, a wedding, a death, a graduation, on achieving a goal like a high school certificate, on passing the driving lesson, an anniversary, etc.

At the Winnipeg South Sikh Center we get the opportunity to host Akhand Path recitation frequently and this gives those in attendance – our Sadh Sangat, a beautiful opportunity to establish a close relationship with the Aad Guru, the community and provides the opportunity of carry out volunteer work thus obtaining the blessing of the entire community.

If you have interest in requesting our priests to recite any of the religious scriptures at your place of residence or business for holy blessings or would like our priests to guide you please get in touch with them.

The prayer services are followed by Langar Seva hosted by either the Gurudwara or host family.