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The Winnipeg South Sikh Centre Gurdwara Sahib was founded in the Early Eighties due to the leadership and vision of S. Balbir Singh Sandhu and S. Partap Singh Phangureh and S. Amarjeet Singh Warraich.

These three individuals with other dedicated sevadars from the Sikh community founded Sikh Centre gurudwara sahib in Winnipeg south in 1985. Sikh population was growing rapidly and there was an urgent need for gurdwara for the congregation to attend. Initially Gurdwara samagam’s were held at various homes and local community center.

In 1989 a parcel of land at the corner of Scurfield Road and DoverCourt Drive in White Ridge Industrial Park was purchased with the superb efforts by one of the founding member and sevadars to build the Gurudwara Sahib for the growing Sikh community in Winnipeg South. Soon after purchase of lot in 1989, founding members with many sevadars from the community began construction of Sikh Center Sahib.

List of Mortgage Problems: Security for mortgage was required. No security no mortgage, bank had informed. Mortgage security was provided with their homes by Mrs.Nirmal Kaur Sandhu and Mr. Balbir Singh Sandhu of 43 Kingsborough Drive and Mrs. Gurbachan Kaur Phangureh and Mr. Partap Singh Phangureh of 3 Queenspark Cres to obtain mortgage to start construction.

Keeping things in perspective the resident’s surroundings and the future needs of a Divan Hall and parking for the Sadh Sangat was a must. There were also City requirements that would have to be met and the needs of the Gurdwara Sahib’s as required by Sadh Sangat.

Mr. Balbir Singh Sandhu vision became reality after looking at many properties and found our current location which is 500 Dovercourt Drive. This property had city water and city transit service for convenience of Sadh Sangat to attend congregation.

Building Construction: First architectural plans were prepared and approved for the engineering drawings for construction of gurdwara by engineering consultant. In 1990 construction started which was supervised by Surinderpal Singh Sandhu and Partap Singh Phangureh. The building construction continued until the end of December 1991 and it was completed in March 1992.

On May 18, 1992 Akhand path ceremony was held and Gurdwara was opened for Sadh Sangat. Since then, the Sikh Sangat in Winnipeg has generated graciously and due to the community efforts and those of its founding fathers the Winnipeg South Sikh Center has been able to serve its religious and cultural roots for the benefit of the Society.

Sikh Gurdwara Sahib Winnipeg, Manitoba June 29, 2014